Odor Control and Cleaners

What Products You Should Use and How


Clean Your Grout, Safely

Grout HD penetrates and quickly removes ground in grime from tile, grout lines, and natural stone, leaving behind a bright and revitalized surface. Grout HD utilizes cutting edge technology to provide a product free of harsh chemicals like strong acids and caustic soda, allowing it to be safe on skin and the environment.


Chute and Dumpster Cleaning Program

Chute & Dumpster Wash Plus is specially formulated with grease loving bacteria, enzymes, citrus oils and our proprietary odor neutralizer to clean, cut grease and counteract severe malodors. Non-toxic and biodegradable, making it user safe and environmentally friendly. 


Green Drains Eliminate Smells and Prevent Insects

Green Drains produces a waterless trap seal which can be used in new or retrofit construction to prevent sewer gas, bugs and odors from entering the room through a floor drain where the seal has been broken through evaporation or a malfunctioning trap primer.