C3 1100-CB1C2U10 Miniature Circuit Breaker - 1Pole - 10A
C3 Controls 1100-CB1C2U10 Miniature Circuit Breaker, UL 489 Branch Circuit Breaker, Single Pole, Trip Curve C, 17.5mm Frame per Pole, 10 Ampere
31.200 31.2 USD
C3 300-C16N40D Mini Control Relay - 16A - 4NO
C3 Controls 300-C16N40D Mini Control Relay, 16A, Miniature 4 Pole, 4 NO, 110V AC (50Hz) / 120V AC (60Hz)
29.990 29.990000000000002 USD
C3 320-B2U32 Bimetallic Overload Relay - 22-32A
C3 Controls 320-B2U32 Bimetallic Overload Relay, Bimetallic, 22 – 32A (installs on Contactor: S09,S12,S18,S25,S32,S40)
43.130 43.13 USD
Leeson 108092.00 Electric Motor
Leeson C4D17FK10H, 1 1/2HP, 1750RPM, S56C, TEFC 180V, CONT, 40C, 1.0SF, RIGID CDC
836.270 836.27 USD
C3 300-S50N30D10 Contactor - 1 N.O. Auxiliary
C3 Controls 300-S50N30D10 Contactor, 1 N.O. Auxiliary, 3 Phase, 90 Amp, 120VAC
102.350 102.35000000000001 USD
C3 320-B5U97 Thermal Overload
C3 Controls 320-B5U97 Thermal Overload, Bimetallic, 78 – 97A (installs on Contactor: S95,S105)
75.250 75.25 USD
Leeson A4K17DR17A Electric Motor
E100111.00 Electric Motor, 1/4HP, 1725RPM, 48, ODP, 1PH, 60HZ, 115/208-230 Volts, ECOSAVER
286.580 286.58 USD
Leeson 110905.00 Electric Motor
General Purpose C Face Motor, 1 Phase, 56 C Frame, Rigid Mounting, 3/4HP, 1800 RPM, 115/208-230V Voltage, 60Hz Fequency
640.000 640.0 USD
Leeson 108023.00 Electric Motor
Leeson C4D17FK6J, 1HP, 1750RPM, S56C, TEFC, 180V, CONT, 40C, 1.0SF, RIGID C, DC NEMA
599.000 599.0 USD
Cima 9126487305 Cordset - 5m
Power Supply/Signal Cordset, End 1 Number of Pins: 4, End 2 Gender and Plug End: Bare Wire
96.100 96.10000000000001 USD
Cima 9126487305 Cordset Right Angle Connector
12M Cordset RT Angle Conn
79.000 79.0 USD
Trol RCP02 Remote Counter Panel
Trol Systems RCP-02 Remote Counter Panel, 3.2" (81.5mm) wide, 2.55" (65mm) high, 1.25" (32mm) deep polycarbonate overlay over .058" thick aluminum face plate, .06" thick neoprene gasket seals to NEMA type 12 protection, Supplied data cable is 30" (763mm) long, Power is supplied by the T6+ MCU via data cable, 5 volts max

- Each counter can be operated by any page, any number of times counting range is 0 to 59,999
- Max. count speed is 100cps, which is limited MCU line execution
- 15 individual messages, containing 24 characters each counter settings and messages are stored internally via nonvolatile eeprom which does not require battery backup.
135.000 135.0 USD
Trol DIN8 Rail Section - 8"
Trol DIN-8 Din Rail Section, 8" Long
11.000 11.0 USD
Leeson C145T17FK27E Electric Motor
General Purpose C Face Motor, 3 Phase, 145TC Frame, Rigid Mounting, 2HP, 1800 RPM, 208-230/460V Voltage, 60/50Hz Fequency
Fabens standard stock 2012
525.000 525.0 USD
C3 Controls 30MM Legend Plate
C3 Controls LP-56 30MM Legend Plate (Off On); Standard (2"h x 2"w) ; Black Face / White Letters ; 2-Position Selector Switch ; OFF / ON ; No Adhesive Back
2.100 2.1 USD
C3 Vertical Legend Plate - 13M - Green - "Test"
C3 Controls 13MLLPVGN-24 "Test" Legend Plate, 2"h x 1"w, 13MM, Vertical, Green, No Adhesive, White Letter that say "TEST"
7.000 7.0 USD